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Fire and Safety industry has finally come of age in India . And among the respected names in the industry, Prudential Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as the leader in custom-made fire and safety solutions .

What sets Prudential Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. apart, is the company s ability to not only provide solutions that meet stringent international standards, but also to provide solutions that cater to a wide cross section of needs.

Prudential Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has addressed the complex and truly diverse needs of commercial, industrial, institutional, & hospitality segments. The company designs, installs, commissions and manages systems to protect the assets of highly discerning clientele . The backbone of the organisation comprises of a team of motivated, committed and energetic professionals. This Never Say Die team is well versed in the design and execution of custom-made Safety and Security Solutions

  • Fire Detection and Alarm systems
  • Fire hydrants and Sprinklers systems
  • Access Control systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Intruder Alarm systems
  • Perimeter Protection systems
  • Condominium suite panel systems
  • Automatic CO2 and Halon based Extinguishing systems
  • FM-200 gas based Fire Suppression systems
  • Clean Room Early warning system.
  • Public address systems
  • Structured cabling solutions.
  • From our product engineers and technical support staff to our administrative support staff , each individual at Prudential Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is available and willing to work with you to meet specific needs in the most efficient and cost effective way . It takes more than good intentions to deliver innovative , versatile and reliable products and service .

    Whether your needs involve industrial , commercial or institutional applications , you can be rest assured , Prudential Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the best and complete resources it takes to provide the right solutions , right away .

    So when it comes to the best , Prudential Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.is the company to depend on .After all it takes a market leader to deliver the best .

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