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Signature Series Manual Pull Stations
To the average person, Signature Series Manual Pull Stations are probably the most recognizable fire alarm devices. They're very familiar. You see them everywhere...from school hallways, to hotel corridors...these manual pull stations are just about anywhere you look. And, when you see one of these pull stations, you can feel safe knowing that the building you're in is protected by GE life safety equipment.

The SIGA-270 and SIGA-278 series Manual Pull Stations are an integral part of the Signature Series line of initiating devices.

The SIGA-270 series fire alarm manual pull stations feature our very familiar teardrop shape. They are made from die-cast zinc and finished with red epoxy powder-coat paint complemented by aluminum colored stripes and markings. With positive pull-lever operation, one pull on the station handle breaks the glass rod and turns in a positive alarm, ensuring protection plus fool-proof operation.

Pre-signal models (SIGA-270P) are equipped with a general alarm (GA) keyswitch for applications where two stage operation is required. The up-front highly visible glass rod discourages tampering.

EST’s double action, single stage SIGA-278 station is a contemporary style manual station made from durable red colored lexan. An alarm may be initiated by lifting the upper door marked “LIFT THEN PULL HANDLE”, then pulling the alarm handle.

The integral microprocessor built into each Signature Series station provides four important benefits - Self-diagnostics and History Log, Automatic Device Mapping, Stand-alone Operation and Fast, Stable Communication.

Self-diagnostics and History Log - Each Signature Series manual station constantly runs self-checks to provide important main-tenance information. The results of the self-check are automatically updated and permanently stored in the station’s non-volatile memory. This information is accessible for review any time at the control panel, PC, or by using the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/ Service Tool.

Automatic Device Mapping - The loop controller learns where each device’s serial number address is installed relative to other devices on the circuit. The loop controller keeps a map of the Signature Series devices connected to it.

The Signature Series Data Entry Program also uses the mapping feature. With interactive menus and graphic support, the wired circuits between each device can be examined. Layout or “as-built” drawing information showing wire branches (T-taps), device types and their address are stored on disk for printing hard copy. This takes the mystery out of the installation. The preparation of as-built drawings is fast and efficient.

Stand-alone Operation - A decentralized alarm decision by the manual station is guaranteed. On-board intelligence permits the station to operate in stand-alone mode. If loop controller CPU communications fail for more than four seconds, all devices on that circuit go into stand-alone mode. The circuit acts like a conventional alarm receiving circuit. Each station will still transmit an alarm if its operating lever is pulled.

Fast Stable Communication - Built-in intelligence means less information needs to be sent between the station and the loop controller. Other than regular supervisory polling response, the station only needs to communicate with the loop controller when it has something new to report. This provides very fast control panel response time and allows a lower baud rate (speed) to be used for communication on the circuit.


  • Traditional familiar appearance

  • One stage (GA), two stage (pre-signal), and double action models

  • Break glass operation

  • Intelligent device c/w integral microprocessor

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Automatic device mapping

  • Electronic addressing

  • Stand-alone operation

  • Designed for high ambient temperature operation

  • Designed to ISO 9001 standards
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