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Genesis Horns, Chimes and Strobes
Big features in a small package

The age of bulky, protruding specular reflectors is at last drawing to a close thanks to Genesis wall mount and ceiling signals from GE.

Not much bigger than a deck of playing cards, Genesis wall mount strobes and horn-strobes put emergency signals in a whole new light. In fact, the unique design of Genesis strobes controls and conditions light so precisely that the output from these signals is simply unrivalled.

To accomplish this, we re-invented the visual signal – from the ground up. The result is a powerful range of features and cost saving advantages all rolled into a sleek, attractive design.

And...just when it seemed like there wasn’t another feature that could be packed into the ultra-slim Genesis line of emergency signals, we went ahead and packed 32 selectable operating modes in a single device...

  • Multi CD capability brings the convenience of on-demand light output settings to every application, allowing you to now use the same model in an unlimited number of locations.

  • Genesis strobes offer 15 to 110 candela output, which is selectable with a conveniently-located switch on the side of the device. The candela output setting remains clearly visible even after final installation, yet it stays locked in place to prevent unauthorized tampering.

  • The new low dB setting cuts sound output by 5 dB – ideal for small spaces like restrooms or classrooms where high dB output may cause discomfort among occupants with sensitive hearing, particularly children.

  • Genesis chimes' 79 dBA (peak) output level makes this device suitable for many private mode applications.

  • Also added to these new products is an expanded voltage operating range – now 16 to 33 V – which brings these signals in line with the UL 1971 revised standard due to take effect in May 2004.
  • Available in an eye-soothing neutral shade of white or traditional fire alarm red, this line of strobes actually complements the décor without intruding upon it. Even the Genesis “running man” symbol was painstakingly designed to get the message across at first glance without the need to emblazon the word “FIRE” on the walls and ceilings of interior spaces.

    Not only does this treatment meet codes and standards requirements, it also overcomes language barriers and eliminates lens marking headaches. Of course, models with the "FIRE" designation are still available for locations that require such labeling.

    Genesis Wall and Ceiling Mount Speakers & Strobes
    Hear the difference with Genesis™ Speakers and Speaker Strobes - the latest evolution in life safety technology from GE. These signals are so sleek and unobtrusive that you'll hear them long before you see them.

    Thanks to their unique low-profile design, Genesis™ signals blend with any decor. These sleek speakers and speaker strobes - only extend 1-inch from the wall, making them the most compact UL/ULC listed signaling devices available today.

    The new Genesis Speakers and Strobes feature field configurable light and sound output capabilities. Speakers and strobes can be easily tuned on the fly with field-configurable light output settings and speaker wattage taps. Settings remain visible even after the unit is installed, allowing at-a-glance verification and simple adjustment.

    Genesis™ signals offer unparalleled speaker performance. Loud 90 dBA output – even when the strobe is operating – ensures every audible signal is crisp and clear. All speakers and speaker-strobes feature sealed mylar speaker cones for extra durability and improved audibility. Speakers are available for 25 VRMS or 70 VRMS operation.

    Additionally, Genesis™ exclusive FullLight™ strobe technology produces the industry’s most even light distribution in exchange for very low operating current.

    Fully compatible with the Enhanced Integrity line of harsh environment signals, Genesis™ indoor speaker-strobes are UL 1971 listed as signaling devices for the hearing impaired and meet tough new synchronizing standards when used with our compatible control module. When installed with a Genesis™ Signal Master, strobe flashes from devices on the same circuit are synchronized to within 10 milliseconds of each other over a two-hour period.

    All Genesis™ signals are available in eye-catching fire alarm red and architecturally neutral white. High-impact polymer housings resist the aging effects of ultraviolet light and retain their like-new appearance for years.

    Genesis Ceiling Signals
    Good looks and a full lineup of options...

    Genesis ceiling signals provide sleek signaling options for applications where wall devices are not desired. These ceiling signals deliver a lot more than just good lookks. Strobes may be set to any of four different intensities. Speakers are available in 25 and 70 volt models with four wattage settings. Speaker-strobes provide maximum flexibility with selectable wattage and candela output.

    They boast a robust set of features that sets us apart from our competition.

  • Unique low-profile design

  • Configurable light & sound output

  • Unparalleled speaker performance

  • Superb strobe operation

  • Also listed for wall applications

  • A breeze to install

  • Easy to configure

  • The flexibility of field-selectable light and sound level output means fewer parts to stock and adjustments can be made on the fly. Fine-tune and tweak the best economy from power supplies and amplifiers with a single device!
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