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Signature Series Intelligent Input/Output Modules
Signature Series input/output modules are extremely flexible and powerful devices that gather analog information from connected devices and convert this data into digital signals. The actual function of each module is determined by its installer-selected personality code. This is downloaded to the module from the Signature Loop Controller during system configuration.

Because they are intelligent devices, all decisions are made at the module. This allows lower communication speed but very fast control panel response time and less sensitivity to line noise and loop wiring properties. As a result, twisted or shielded wire is not required, making them ideal for retrofit applications.

Signature Series I/O modules feature automatic device mapping and electronic addressing. Details about the module are permanently stored in its non-volatile memory and the module automatically updates historic information for a wide range of reports.

Modules are available in models that feature two mounting options: standard mount and plug-in (UIO). Standard mount models are installed to North American two-gang or one-gang electrical boxes, making them a perfect choice for locations where only one module is required. Separate I/O and data loop connections are made to each module.

Plug-in UIO modules mount to UIO motherboards. Two- and six-module UIO motherboards are available, making them ideal for installations where more than one module is required. Motherboards can accommodate individual risers for each on-board module, or shared risers in any combination with their UIO modules. All wiring connections are made to terminal blocks on the motherboard.

EST intelligent input/output modules feature multiple user-set personality codes that define the module's behavior. The seven currently available modules offer a choice of more than 20 different "virtual modules".


  • Available in stand-alone or plug-in models

  • Multiple personalities for a single module

  • Automatic device mapping

  • Electronic addressing
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